Natural and Organic Products: for personal and professional use.

High quality products.

The beautiful thing about our personal beauty product is that you know what is in it by looking at the label. You don’t need a cosmetic dictionary or to spend time googling ingredients. Unlike other commercial products, our product only has typically three ingredients. These product are healthy alternatives to potentially harmful and toxic chemicals that are found in your everyday body care products. No chemicals or preservatives added, no fillers, no man-made synthetics ever.

I have owned a salon for over 50 years and have watched many folks suffer from contact dermatitis or other rashes. Often it takes years of trial error to determine what causes a rash.

Very rarely will you find products with Essentials oils in them. Essential oils are therapeutic and should be used judiciously and wisely not just for fragrance. Add your own oils in their purest form as a wonderful alternative for people who suffer from chemical additives that put in all sorts of “healthy products”. The producer of this line wants it to be as pure and simple as they can make it without sacrificing the luxury of the beauty product.

Some of the items are moderately priced but deliver. Some are more expensive but these are tools we use ourselves.There are times when a more expensive products has features that are not necessary at home but for a professional, working all day with tools, they must be comfortable, easy to use, quick, lightweight with no hassle.

From the Proliss brand to Artizen and Valea all are used by professionals; especially if you are working all day behind the chair. Our accessories right now are brushes and they are the tools we use every day. From the Polishing brush to detangle, to the Tunnel brush for shorter hair, it is half round and can curl under as well as lift hair up for more body. The Ergo round brushes are salon tested and are the best brushes to use day to day. They do it all.

The Body Food baby products are perfect for any little one. They are not NO TEARS but they will never harm the little one with synthetics and artificial ingredients. As the founder is famous for saying “No Yucky Stuff. Ever.”

Gift sets are also available for both small and larger ones, as well as several duos which result in definite savings.